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Absolutely gentle, naturally effective, high quality. We like thinking big for our little ones!

1. With more than 40 years of experience, L’Erbolario is all about quality, effectiveness, safety and innovation.

2. Our products are 100% Made in Italy: from product formulas to packaging and shipping, we strictly monitor the entire production process at our facility in Lodi.

3. With the Baby Garden line, we offer you everything you need to take care of your child’s hygiene.

4. Gentleness and quality are our priorities, since we want to care for children’s skin, which is very sensitive and delicate, while providing maximum comfort.

5. For little ones, we select extracts from organically grown plants and high-quality raw materials that respect the skin’s natural balance.

6. To protect children’s skin from the sun, we have formulated the Piccolosole line: specific sun creams with a high protection factor and very gentle ingredients.

7. Our laboratories conduct chemical, physical and microbiological tests on every production batch in order to ensure that our products remain stable and retain their appeal over time.

8. We monitor the contents of seven heavy metals on all our products in order to minimise the risk of allergies and thus protect even the most sensitive skin.

9. The effectiveness and tolerability of our formulas is ensured through tests supervised by the Internal Medicine and Medical Therapy Department of the University of Pavia.

10. We asked 50 mothers to evaluate the appeal of the products in the Il Giardino dei Piccoli line: all of them were extremely satisfied!