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SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING   For our packaging we select materials obtained from renewable sources, such as GREEN PE and GREEN PET from sugar cane, and post-consumer plastic from recycled water bottles (R-PET) or recovered from the oceans (Ocean Waste Plastic ®). We use only FSC®-certified paper to support the responsible management of forest resources. 

GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT   Since 2002, we have chosen to equip ourselves with an Environmental Management System (certification UNI EN ISO 14001), committed to improving our environmental performance and energy saving. We only use electricity from renewable sources, mostly self-produced in our 977 kWp photovoltaic park. With this choice, every year we avoid the emission of more than 500,000 kg of CO2, the equivalent of a forest of 3500 trees!


NO TO MICROPLASTICS   We have never used microplastics in our cosmetics with exfoliating action, we have always preferred vegetable materials, such as finely grinded seeds, kernels or jojoba wax microspheres. We were among the first signatories of a petition which, in 2020, led to the ban of microplastics in “rinse-off” cosmetics in Italy.

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