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Long, pointed leaves scent the air with their pungent, sharp aroma - the Juniper. In the past, Italian families used to grow a Juniper plant near their homes because it was believed to protect from plague and infectious diseases. Furthermore, it defended against snakes and wild animals due to its pointed leaves. A typical Italian plant, the Juniper is an undisputed protagonist of our history and tradition. Juniper wood, for example, is used for carving tools and utensils as well as smoking certain foods, as it is very fragrant. Its purplish coloured berries are known for their sour and very aromatic taste, and for this reason they are often used in cooking to flavour dishes, herbal teas, distilled spirits and alcoholic beverages. By precisely drawing inspiration from the qual-ities of these berries, L'ERBOLARIO's phytocosmetic research has formulated the Black Juniper line for dynamic men who, albeit over-committed and overwhelmed, want to find the time and energy to take care of themselves.

From Juniper berries we obtained distilled water and a most valuable extract which, combined with sesame and black cumin extracts, enrich these products.