environment and sustainability

L'ERBOLARIO aims to meet the company’s needs without compromising the ability to meet our own needs and those of future generations.


L'ERBOLARIO is committed to formulating high quality and renewable products, and do so by growing ingredients in a 234,000 m2 botanical garden, loved and nursed by three gardeners.


All the fruit and vegetables in the large plot of land surrounding the L’ERBOLARIO production site are grown according to the strict standards of organic farming, using only natural fertilisers and without using any pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilisers, which promotes a sustainable agriculture approach.

L'ERBOLARIO are proud to use renewable sources with zero impact, and over the years has implemented every means necessary to prevent, reduce and, whenever possible, eliminate every form of pollution or unjustified consumption of a resource deriving from their work.


The production chain is short, the packages are eco-compatible, using environmentally sustainable material, such as Green PE and Green PET derivatives of sugar cane, FSC® certified paper, or packages that seperate easily to be recycled.

In Italy, L'ERBOLARIO uses self-produced energy for production activities from their 977 kWp photovoltaic array. With this choice, every year, in average weather conditions, they avoid the emission of more than 500,000 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of a forest of 3500 trees. During the other months, they rely on their partner; Lifegate, a company whose mission is to provide companies with energy from 100% renewable sources and to compensate for the extremely modest emission of carbon dioxide via the Zero Impact® project.