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Our innovative Make-Up line: a collection of products developed to enhance your natural beauty.

• Paraben-free
• No formaldehyde-donor preservatives
• Acrylate-free
• Silicone-free
• No ingredients from GMO
• No mineral oils
• No PEG-derivatives (Polyethylene glycol)
• Perfume-free
• Monitoring the presence of 7 metals (Nickel, Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Antimony and Chromium) to minimise the risk of an allergic reaction and thereby to protect even the most sensitive skin and eyes.
• An assessment of the potential for irritation and allergogenesis through strict clinical experimentation, in Vivo testing on volunteers, in Vitro testing and ophthalmological testing carried out at the Internal Medicine and medical Therapy Department of the University of Pavia.


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