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From the third millennium to the seventies: the charming fragrance of patchouli, with its warm, spicy and intense note, is appreciated now more than even before. The formula in this line of products developed from L'ERBOLARIO laboratories include the splendidly fragrant leaves from the small patchouli plant in the lamiaceae family, a native of Asia. In the 13th and 14th centuries they were left to dry and used by tradesmen travelling from China through the Middle East, to wrap precious silk, with the intention of protecting it from mothsThis fragrance has long been considered a symbol of luxury, and it is believed that Queen Victoria used it as scent on her linen. Then, at the beginning of the Seventies, Patchouli became the distinguishing scent of the cultural revolution, the desire for freedom and the movement of hippies travelling to India. Furthermore, the sensual notes of this fragrance boast the capacity to induce relaxation. From the ancient Asian Tamil language, patch means green and ilai means leaf: hence, from these green leaves L'ERBOLARIO has obtained an essential Oil, a distilled water and a hydroglycerine extract rich in flavonoids, with remarkable nourishing properties.

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