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African women have kept an irreplaceable beauty secret since ancient times: shea butter. It is obtained from the nuts of the impressive vitellaria paradoxa, also known as the “tree of youth”. The butter is extracted between mid-June and mid-September and processed manually according to tradition. It is pale yellow, has a soft and mouldable consistency and an impressive cosmetic action: given the presence of sterols, tocopherols, vitamins A, B, E and F, it can protect the skin against climatic aggressions, ensuring nourishment and hydration. We at L'ERBOLARIO have respected this sacred tree and the importance its processing has in African society. The butter used in the shea butter line comes from sustainable supplies and is produced by local communities in Burkina Faso. Thousands of women are involved in the harvesting and processing of the nuts, who not only have the traditional privilege of protecting the sacred plant, but their work also actively contributes to maintaining and seeing to the needs their family. It is therefore fair trade shea butter whose trade generates a positive impact on the whole society involved in its harvesting and production, thereby reducing poverty and ensuring a better future for everyone.

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