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Body Oil is a truly precious product for our skin. An ancient cosmetic, which has been used for centuries to nourish the epidermis, leaving it elastic and supple. The oil then moisturises and forms a thin layer on the skin, able to prevent the evaporation of the water and therefore dehydration. 

L'ERBOLARIO offers many different body oils: you can try one specificly for a relaxing massage or one with antioxidant action (perfect also for the face), a soothing one ideal for sensitive and hyperreactive skin or one with a precious Argan oil base.

A scrub is a must-have cosmetic product for our daily beauty routine. Over time, the cells on the surface of the skin lose their radiance and water, making the skin look dull, opaque and greyish. Applying a scrub once or twice each week helps remove dead skin cells, exfoliating your skin and making your skin look more radiant..At L'ERBOLARIO, we have never used microplastics in our exfoliant cosmetics, since we always prefer using plant materials such as finely chopped seeds and kernels or Jojoba wax microspheres. In November 2017, we were one of the first companies eager to sign the petition of the Italian environmentalist associations Legambiente and Marevivo, thanks to which the Italian law that will ban microplastics in rinse-off cosmetics from 2020 was approved.