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Often, after a shower or bath, you may feel that "tight skin” sensation. This means that your skin is not sufficiently hydrated and therefore needs to be moisturised with specific body creams. Not only does it have a significant effect on the skin, but it’s also a fantastic ritual for our daily well-being: applying the body cream with wide and circular movements, stopping to massage arms and legs, helps us to relax and allows us to find a self-dedicated moment, before embarking on after a noisy and stressful day. L'ERBOLARIO body creams offer you everything your skin needs: selected active plant-based ingredients of the highest quality, precious emollient and nourishing oils and ultimately, a sweet fragrance that remains on the epidermis for many hours, enveloping you in a delicate perfume.


Top tip! Choose the same fragranced body cream and shower gel as your perfume to help make your fragrance last longer.