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With the Baby Garden line, we offer you everything you need to take care of your child’s hygiene. Gentleness and quality are our priorities, since we want to care for children’s skin, which is very sensitive and delicate, while providing maximum comfort. We select extracts from organically grown plants and high-quality raw materials that respect the skin’s natural balance. We asked 50 mothers to evaluate the appeal of the products in the Il Giardino dei Piccoli line: all of them were extremely satisfied!



Friendship and loyalty: two values that people with four-legged friends are truly familiar with. The love that we have for our pets is so intense that we often consider them actual members of the family. Life with them is more magical, richer, more exciting: it is a journey that makes us grow and improve ourselves, a life journey that enriches us, strengthens us and, at the same time, makes us kinder. And so, if animals are our best friends, we can also proudly claim to be their best friends too. Why not reserve a specific line for our loyal friends?

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